Sonic Forces May See Appearances from Other Characters, Will be NPCs

Although we’ve only just learned that SEGA’s Project Sonic 2017 is now called Sonic Forces, more information has come out as to what we can expect from the cast.

According to Game Informer, who was given an extended preview of the game, managed to grab some other little details including who may appear in the game. Long-time favourites such as Knuckles, Amy, and more will make appearances, however they won’t be playable.

Interestingly, Game Informer didn’t reveal whether it’d be the new Sonic Boom version of Knuckles, or whether it’d be the more classic Sonic-sized hedgehog. Another interesting detail is that the game will focus solely on Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and a third style that Sonic Team are keeping up their sleeves for a later date.

The game itself will also feature several play styles from the classic side-scrolling gameplay from classic Sonic, to the more modern 3D affair. There’ll also be a hybrid of the two with 3D gameplay shifting to a more 2.5D style.

Sonic Forces is set to release worldwide in Q4 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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