Spider-Man Trailer is Quicker than Thwip!

Is it possible that this 6 short seconds of Spider-Man: Homecoming is way better than the full Justice League trailer? Umm yes, it is.

Why? Because the Justice League trailer was just a reminder of what’s on the horizon and offered no new information. However, this teaser trailer for Spider-man Homecoming shows off a strange bug creature and actually got me excited for the full one later today.

It’s going to burn my noodle until I found out what the bug is.

Could this Peter Parker have powers like he did after the other storyline where he had control over spiders? I mean it’s already implied this his Spider-sense works differently to how it did in the comics where it’s much harder for Peter to control.

Or maybe it’s some mechanical bug that Tony Stark built? And if he did, why? So many exciting possibilities are on the horizon!

Find out more in the full trailer later today.