Star Wars Celebration off for 2018, Next Event in 2019

Star Wars Celebration is happening this year in April and it will be the last official event until 2019. There will be no event in 2018 as confirmed today on the event’s website in this post.

Yesterday we posted an article detailing the first footage of Star Wars The Last Jedi and today they pull Celebration from 2018, what a roller coaster of emotions. “The next official Celebration is slated for a location and date soon-to-be announced, in 2019,” says the website. Think of the news as more time to work on your Sith Jar Jar Binks cosplay. Silver lining, right?

No official word has been given as to why the event is skipping 2018. It would seem odd to do so considering a new film and Triple A video game are scheduled to release next year.

Scheduled for a 2018 release is the untitled Han Solo movie, which doesn’t need any more hype but seems like something to celebrate. Also, Visceral’s untitled Star Wars game, featuring story collaboration with Amy Henning (Uncharted Series) is planned to release in 2018 according to EA.

If you’re attending this year’s Celebration, it is likely you’ll be able to see the same footage we detailed at the event and possibly a trailer for The Last Jedi. While nothing is confirmed, it seems probable. Also, expect news about Star Wars Battlefront 2 which is scheduled to release later this year.