Stealth Horror The Persistence Revealed for PS4 and PSVR

Liverpool-based developers Firesprite has this week announced a brand new first-person stealth horror title, The Persistence, and it looks absolutely terrifying.

This sci-fi survival stealth horror game hopes to turn your underpants brown by throwing you into deep space aboard The Persistence, a scientific vessel located somewhere 17,000 lightyears from earth in the year 2521, and the location of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

Yep, as you’d expect you’re trapped millions of miles away from Earth a risky experiment turns all of the crew, aside from yourself, into mutants. Oh, and to make matters worse you’re also being sucked into the gravitational pull of a nearby collapsing star. “Can you stay alive long enough to get to the engine room and save The Persistence?” Honestly, I’m not sure I want to find out.

In The Persistence, the entire game is procedurally generated, and each time you die, a new character is awoken by IRIS, the ship’s on-board computer, but this time the lay of the land is completely different. That includes different enemies and loot. The only thing that stays persistent in The Persistence is what you collected in your past life.

“Stealth Horror is a perfect match for VR. Not only for the sense of presence that virtual reality brings, but also for the natural control head tracking offers. Sneaking around and hiding behind cover; it’s second nature in VR to just lean round or peek over cover to gain the advantage,” Commented Lead Designer, Alex Moore.

Coming to PlayStation 4 and PS VR, you can expect to have the most “fun” in the VR version of the game. And if you’re brave enough, you can allow friends to access the game via a companion app, where they can hack into the ship’s computer to control various aspects of the game from opening locked doors, distracting enemies, and disabling traps. However, those who play via the app are also rewarded when you die, so uh, be careful who you trust.

A brand new trailer for the game has been released too, which you can see below: