Story Focused Puzzler Peregrin Coming in 2017

Published by Green Man Gaming, Peregrin is a narrative-driven puzzle game which tells the story of a scavenger tribe. The game takes place in a gorgeous wasteland in which the game’s protagonist Abi must fight to save her tribe.

Peregrin is set on Earth after it has been destroyed by the Gods. During Abi’s quest, she will uncover the secrets of life before the Gods took revenge on the planet.

Puzzles can be solved using Abi’s arcane abilities to take control of the world’s many creatures. Each creature has unique abilities which can be exploited to progress through the game. Peregrin combines elements of fantasy, myth and sci-fi to weave a story about collective and personal loss.

Peregrin marks Green Man Gaming’s maiden voyage onto consoles and will feature full controller support. The game is being developed by Domino Digital Ltd who previously released film-noir stealth game Calvino Noir. 

Peregrin will release in 2017 on PC, Mac and Console, view the trailer below.