Surreal Exploration Game Anamorphine Coming Later This Year

A new story teaser for Anamorphine has been released, along with the news that the game will be coming to PC, Xbox One and VR devices later this year.

Anamorphine forgoes all dialogue and UI in favour of environmental story telling. The game centres around Tyler, as he struggles to cope with his wife Elena’s deteriorating mental state, as she wrestles with depression.

The story unfolds as a series of retrospective memory sequences in which Tyler must revisit key moments of his life with Elena. Due to the fact that Tyler is himself, suffering from PTSD, the memories take on a dream-like property and the environment is presented as a surreal, ever-contorting landscape.

Anamorphine looks set to tackle heavy subject matter, namely mental illness. This, along with the beautiful art style guarantee that Anamorphine will certainly be worth checking out when it releases later this year.

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