Tabletop-inspired RTS Wartile Launches into Early Access

Wartile, the medieval tabletop-inspired RTS has gone into Steam Early Access. The game is being developed by Danish developers Playwood Project who have previously worked on Hitman and Kane and Lynch 2.

Wartile wears its tabletop influences well and truly on its sleeve and will see players engaging in strategic, turn-based combat within diorama-like arenas. The player will control a fully customisable Viking horde through battles involving both hand to hand and ranged combat. The game will feature multiplayer as well as the ability to go it alone. The plan is to add more environments later down the line such as Norwegian mountains, murky swamps, rocky English coastlines, dark dungeons and sweeping grasslands.

Each intricately detailed battle board will also contain its own story and lore to dive into. Wartile is set to offer a fresh new perspective on the RTS genre and will be shown off at EGX Rezzed in Tobacco Works London from March 30-April 1.

Wartile is available now on Steam Early Access priced $19.99, €19.99, £14.99. A 10% discount offer will be in place for its first week on sale.