The ALL Controller – ALL For One, Maybe One For All?

Third party controllers. Yeah, that. There’s no need to even explain the phrase because you’ve already probably started to scream, run to the hills or call an exorcist. But hold up, the ALL Controller is trying to change the way we feel, maybe fear, the dreaded 3PC – I think I’ve just made 3PC up…

Any hoot, from the days of the Amiga, where any joystick would do the job (preferably a Zip Stick) to the Competition Pro’s & QuickShots of the world, not forgetting anything that came out for the Nintendo 64, not bashing anything Hori – but 3PC’s have had a tendency to receive a bad rep. The ALL Controller looks to set the record straight on this. With a sleak, stylish modern and all-device compatibility certainly looks the part, but what exactly is it?

Stop Screaming. I’m nearly done.

The ALL Controller will allow cross compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and possibly the Switch in the future, by using Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. As well as a driver interface, it also has an LCD screen and the ability to program macros. The controller can also pair with a variety of devices including older Windows machines, and to top it all it has a 40 hour battery life, adjustable rumble vibration settings, programmable features to allow players to pull of combos in fighters.

With 11 USB drivers, 7 Bluetooth drivers and a host of other tech and settings, the ALL Controller wont be shy of a few extras that could plug a now stagnant 3PC market.

However, the controllers lift off will depend on a successful Kickstarer funding campaign that will launch at some point in April. It’ll be interesting to see how the players and industry react.

You can see more here:

To find out more about the ALL Controller, head on over to the website where you can sign up for official updates.