The Division Brings New DLC to Year 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division has just had it’s first birthday! To celebrate a good year well spent they’re giving a bunch of free rewards to any players who sign in this week. This comes with the huge reveal from Julian Gerighty about what Year 2 of The Division will hold.

The Division will be receiving a cluster of new DLC packs, FREE DLC packs at that. There will be no new season pass necessary, which is a fantastic decision. A bold move from Ubisoft who earlier released the Alaska DLC for snowsports adventure Steep also for free.

The first of these new DLC packs brings a trifecta of content upgrades to the game. The new features will include a collection of limited-time events that reward players for completion, competition and participation. Scores will be logged on a public leaderboard to help spur the competition on, urging players to fight harder. They will be introducing loadouts, a feature that is long over due, allowing players to save their preferred gear sets and switch them on the fly quickly. The third feature will be “Feats” that earn players “marks of distinction” for in game activities, ranging from short to long term play with varying rewards. The first of the new 3 DLC packs is looking to be released in the summer.

The Division Brings New DLC to Year 2 - n3rdabl3

The second and third expansions of the new year will be more story orientated and focus on developing the game world and adding depth to the existing narrative. The new DLCs will not be increasing the level cap of agents, nor will any of them be paid packages. Whether or not the new content will bring elevations to the current gear score remains to be seen.

It would be safe to assume that with the reveal of new DLC that we may not be seeing a sequel anytime soon, however with the addition of some story orientated content we may find out more about Aaron Keener and where he’s skulked off to!