Set inside a sprawling mansion, The Invisible Hours is a new VR game from Tequila Works in partnership with GameTrust. The player must seek out the murderer from a cast of eclectic characters.

The Invisible Hours is inspired by classic mysteries by Agatha Christie and features many hidden clues to investigate. The player is invisible to the rest of the cast so can roam freely around the mansion, observing and exploring at will.

The game will feature famous inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, and will explore their infamous rivalry. Other guests include the world’s most famous actress, a blind butler and a convicted murderer.

The Invisible Hours looks to be an immersive VR theatre experience which will tell a gripping story of mystery and intrigue. Tequila Works have previously worked on Deadlight and RIME. GameTrust is the project set up by retailer Gamespot to collaborate with game developers. They have already worked with developer Insomniac games on last year’s Song of the Deep.

The Invisible Hours will release PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, watch the trailer below.

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