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We publish quite a bit of stuff here every week at n3rdabl3, so rather than make you have to go and look for all of it, we decided we’d make it simple and put it all in one place for you. Introducing: The N3WS.

Gage is here with the first episode of The N3WS! N3rdabl3’s weekly news show that will pop up every Friday with stories and articles from

This week we’ll go over the reveal of Destiny 2 and slew of related news, Justice League and Spider-Man trailers, Wreck It Ralph 2, bad video game movies and what we thought of Iron Fist season one.

Destiny 2 Trailer, Release Date Revealed, Finally Coming to PC

Justice League Finally Gets First Full Trailer

How Long Does Spidey Really Have in the MCU?

Wreck it Ralph 2’s Official Name Parody’s Kim Kardashian

Here’s Why Video Games Don’t Work as Movies

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 Review

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