Three Superman Team-ups that Need to Happen

I’ve must admit, I’m really enjoying the Superman DC Rebirth. It’s safe to say that the Man of Steel makes one great dad and one heck of a family man. I’ve grown fond of the adventures of the Blue Boy Scout and his young son, and look forward to more.

Peter J. Tomasi did a great job with Batman and Robin as he fleshed out the exciting relationship between the Dark Knight and the grumpy new Robin, who just happened to be his son.

Meanwhile, in other DC news, they are killing it with their inter-company crossovers. Some to write home about include Star Trek and Green Lantern, Power Rangers and Justice League, and Legion of Superheroes and Star Trek.

Though, is it time for the Man of Steel to get a crossover or two? I mean Batman has met Tarzan, Hellboy and Grendel. To be fair, Superman has clashed with The Terminator, Aliens, Predator and has met the Fantastic Four. but those adventures were quite a while ago. It’s time for Superman to get back on the horse.

I mean if you want, he could get back on the Darkhorse… (hint hint)

So here are my three suggestions about three possible comic book crossovers Superman and his extended cast could get involved in. It’s time for Superman to come against someone he can get into a good old scrap with..

Pacific Rim

Three Superman Team-ups that Need to Happen - n3rdabl3

Imagine if the mysterious portal was actually created by the people of Krypton. Would it then be a job for Superman to team up with Jagers and fight off the Kaiju? Maybe it could time for him to dust off that Batman and Superman mecha that was built by resident superhero tech support, Toyman.


Three Superman Team-ups that Need to Happen - n3rdabl3

Maybe that mecha could be used for a good hearty scrap with Megatron?

Could Cybertron have some kind of link to Krypton was the House of El responsible for the creation of the mechanised race?


Three Superman Team-ups that Need to Happen - n3rdabl3

Since Family Guy was right about Iceman, could Homer Simspon’s novel about Superman and Godzilla come true?

Could the Man of Steel beat down the Japanese beast? Or would they team up? It’s all up the air like Clark Kent himself really!

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