tinyBuild Teams up with YandereDev for Yandere Simulator

After YandereDev announced the game is developing slowly, tinyBuild (No Time to Explain, SpeedRunners) have been brought on board as co-developers and publishers of Yandere Simulator.

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game that revolves around Ayano Aishi’s obsessive love of a classmate, Senpai. Over the course of the game Aishi will take down any competition that stands in the way of her being with this classmate.

tinyBuild also announced their intention to carry out a paid Alpha or a crowdfunding campaign to expand the game’s development budget. The team appears to be leaving the door open to running both plans.

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO, tinyBuild said:

“We love the game’s design and are going to build a development team to elevate the game’s production values, where the original dev assumes role of Design Lead. We’re excited to bring Yandere Simulator to PC and many more platforms in the near future.”

This is the first time that the development team has hinted the game could come to additional platforms beyond PC.

For further details, watch the announcement video by YandereDev:

Nichiporchik, ended the announcement by admitting his wife is a fan of the game so the team can’t mess this one up. Judging by the almost 1.4m followers of the developer’s YouTube video log, his wife isn’t the only one they need to impress.

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