SFV Top 5 Eleague Players to watch

It’s going down boys and girls. Monday 27th ET. Palms will be sweaty and there’ll be vomit on sweaters already. Possibly due to Mom’s spaghetti. 32 shark level players are scheduled to bump heads for a chance to get their fins on the $250,000 prize pool. Think of all the tuna you could buy!

Exciting times are near, but the ocean spreads far and wide which often makes it hard to know which fish to follow. This is where I come in. My job is to guide you through these turbulent waters. So without further ado, here are some of the killers you need to be watching this week.



Okay come on, stop laughing. This is exactly the kind of attitude that’s got him on this list in the first place. With roughly 90% of the FGC questioning why he was selected for this competition, you can bet that Gootecks has made it his goal to make 90% of the FGC fix their faces for doubting his ability. Let’s not forget that this man is a fighting game veteran, whether you that or not. And even the fluffiest dog will bite off your balls if you harass it enough.

LI Joe

Alright, put on your Yipes voice and say it with me now: “American Jooooeeeeee!!!” That’s right son. The main character is back and he’s fresh off his training arc. Joe’s Urien is looking mighty fuego lately as the man has been in the cut almost every day, streaming his training sessions. Just like Gootecks, Joe has also been subject to some head scratching as some have pondered whether or not he truly deserves to be in the lineup. A bunch of jive ass turkeys if you ask me.


“!!!!” Did you hear that? Too late. Xian has already teleported behind you. It’s nothin’ personal kid, it’s just what ninjas do sometimes. Xian has finally emerged from his time skip and has put aside his fangs in place of some reliable kunai. After his epic Final Round victory, Xian’s Ibuki is definitely the talk of the village and is guaranteed to unleash some more secret techniques on his opponents this week. Oh, and just between me and you, I’ve been hearing some rumours. Apparantly, he’s finally been able to master… “that jutsu!”.


Gllty has come a long way and is a player that should be on everyone’s radar if she isn’t already. After an impressive performance at the South East Asian Major Amateur Tournament last year, and placing top 16 in Westcoast Warzone as well as Texas Showdown, she’s earned her spot as one of the premier Dhalsim players along with Filipino Champ, Arturo Sanchez and Commander Jesse. Oh and lets not forget that Gllty also has a pocket Juri, which might not be a big deal considering that character isn’t really feared but as a Sim user, having a solid secondary is a godsend.


Don’t let the “noble samurai looking off into the distance” look fool you. Martin “No You Cannot” Phan is here to remind everyone that he plays dirty. The alleged killer of Guilty Gear has picked up R.Mika so if you know Marn and you know the character then you also know that this man can beat just about anyone. Experienced, deadly and playful – this individual is always interesting to watch no matter what game he plays. So if you’re tuning in for just a little bit of fun, his matches will be the ones you’ll want to see.

There are plenty more predators on the wanted list. Murder Face Tokido, Swag King MOV, Fart Lord Smug and Soul Brother Ryan Hart are only a fraction of the talented seafarers on route to Atlanta.

There are two ways to catch the action. The first option is live on TV. Yes, television! Look how far we’ve swum! But if you’re reading this then I can only assume you’re not a normie, in which case you can enjoy the event via the ELEAGUE Twitch channel. Be sure to check back with us for our coverage as the days count down!

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