UK Bans Large Electronic Devices on Some Flights, Including Nintendo Switch

Following the US’ decision to ban larger electronic devices being brought on-board flights from a select few countries, the UK, America’s younger brother who’s always following along trying to be “cool”, is also following suit.

The UK is set to institute a similar ban on bringing large electronic devices on board flights, however this ban only applies to those flying from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. These items can be included in luggage, the restrictions here are solely for hand luggage items.

This ban applies to electronic items that are larger than 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width, or 1.5cm in depth. That means items like tablets, laptops, and even the recently announced Nintendo Switch will have to be packed away in your stowaway luggage – and we all know how well they’re handled.

The UK has offered no reason for the ban other than Downing Street saying that it’s “necessary, effective and proportionate”. In the US officials have stated concerns that explosives could be hidden within larger items – something that was discovered in 2016 when explosives were built within a laptop which managed to get past security, and was detonated on a Somali passenger jet.

The BBC has more information on which airlines will be affected.

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