UK Gaming Industry 2016 Market Valuation is at its Highest Ever

Today trade body Ukie revealed the UK games industry market valuation is at its highest ever with almost all divisions seeing an increase in revenue year-on-year.

Last year when the results of the EU Referendum were revealed, many in the industry were worried about the knock-on effect it would have on the industry as a whole. At the time, Ukie were confident that the results wouldn’t have a dramatic effect on the industry, and they’re right.

According to Ukie, who posted a series of Tweets this morning revealing the market value of various divisions of the gaming industry. The Mobile Games industry, according to SuperData, is currently valued at almost £1 billion, a 16.9% increase from 2015.

As for UK games software across digital, online, boxed, pre-owned, and the aforementioned mobile, comes together with a valuation of £3 billion for the first time ever. According to the data, digital and online is up by 11% and boxed software is down by 15%.

The market valuation for VR software, a new entry for this year, debuts at £61.3 million according to Superdata, a pretty impressive start for a new genre of gaming. Speaking of hardware, Ukie also revealed that consumer spend for hardware across console, PC game, peripherals, and the aforementioned VR totals £1.13 billion.

Interestingly console hardware sales are down -26.7% but PC game hardware spend is up +64.3% over last year. Accessories & peripherals were also down -16.6%.

Elsewhere, products such as toys & merchandise, books & magazines, movies & soundtracks, and events & venues are worth £100.5 million, with all areas showing growth over 2015.

Overall that puts the entire UK Gaming Industry at a market value of around £4.3 billion, an impressive 1.2% increase over 2015.

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