Grab your cutlass and sharpen your wit! Our patience has been rewarded and the journey into Un’Goro is finally underway! Elise and her peers aren’t the only ones on this voyage, as we; the n3 Enterprise will also be roaming these new realms, reporting our findings and sharing our personal thoughts on the new organisms we come across.

Fun and exercise aren’t the only reasons we love to explore. After all, we are the science division of our expedition so discovering data that we can use to create new Hearthstone cards is where we get most of our excitement. It’s only been a day and we’ve already found some interesting candidates!

We just finished setting up camp about an hour ago. None of us have obtained any wounds but this is to be expected as we’ve only skimmed the outskirts of these mysterious lands. After today’s findings, I estimate we’ll come across at least 135 new lifeforms by the end of this mission. I’m unsure if this diary will even be able to fit them all but for now, let’s review 5 of the most interesting creatures we found on today’s hike!

Dred is a very interesting creature. Aside from being a Tyrannosaurus Rex which is obviously the best dinosaur, this brute exhibits unique behaviour patterns. Despite being so large, he was able to leap towards any creature that dared to poke even a single claw from out of their hiding place. It was fascinating! And in the time it took for my pen to hit the ground, the poor Murloc had found a new home in Dred’s jaws. Like most of the undiscovered monsters in Un’Goro, it’s hard to predict how powerful he’ll really be before we come locate all the other lifeforms but it’s effectiveness could be extremely troublesome for his doomed opponents both in real life and as a Hearthstone card.

Turn 7 Dred on an empty board would force his prey to use a hard removal spell since his attack power is high enough to kill the vast majority of minions unfortunate to be played in front of him. And with 9 health, he’s very likely to trade with at least 2 creatures before running out of steam. Of course, this makes him a massive target for spells casters with Polymorph or Hex in their arsenal but he’s still a solid monster that a control/tempo style Hunter may want to recruit. Too bad Control Hunter’s don’t really exist but that might change by the end of this expedition. And remember; as dreadful as Dred is, just be sure to watch out for poisonous snakes.

Were the fog was thicker and the night was blacker, I’d still be able to recognise that silky green head of hair a mile away. Her name eludes me but we studied in the same class back in Dalaran and would play Hearthstone together at the Student Inn. She developed an interesting exclusive card which made her deck tough to defeat! To the average player a 2 mana 2/3 might seem only a little better than Loot Horder and Novice Engineer but it’s much more than that.

When used on turn 2 it’s a great tempo play that ensures you’ll curve out. It allowed her to keep Kirin Tor Mage in her opening hand thanks to the strength of their powers combined, not to mention that any card which thins your deck is particularly good in any tempo styled build. I lost to this technique many times and I’m pretty sure she’s shared this ability with other players. You’ve been warned!

Upon seeing this phenomenon I had to sniff my water bottle just to make sure I hadn’t accidentally filled it with wine. Yes, it was indeed a murloc the size of a middle aged Treant! I later found the strange water that it drank from and made no mistake in recovering a sample for research.

Whoever is able to utilise this fluid could become a fearsome player, as any token on the board would grow supersized without warning, providing at least 10 damage to the face or elsewhere. Some of my companions believe this substance would be far too expensive both to process into a card and to play as one but after reminding them about the amount of Stonetusk Boars being played by Paladins lately, their doubts we silenced.

I observed these noble turtles defending their underlings from vile predators and blessing them with strength every time they fell from their wounds. The invading Dino hordes seemed to be impossible to defeat at first but over time, the shelled lizards were able to push back. One can only wonder what would occur if those who favour resurrection magic were to find these creatures…

I imagined that a demonic sacrificial pit would be the kind of thing we would find much deeper into our voyage. One of my colleagues didn’t think it was that serious and thought it would be a good opportunity to take a bath in what he thought was harmless spring water. After wounding his face with my lantern, an imp spawned from the pool and laughed at his plight, multiplying his embarrassment.

Later, I hid behind a tree and observed the activity of the imps. Not 10 minutes passed for me to realise they were emerging infinitely from a Nether Portal! This is the type of necromancy that would make a fearsome Hearthstone card. A constant supply of creatures at the cost of nothing could lead to a situation that’s impossible to overcome in a control game and could rival the stamina of the Jade Druids that have been dominating as of late.

Alas, the hour is late and I must turn in for the night. Who knows what secrets we’ll uncover on our next trek. Join us next time to find out!

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