Due to weather conditions the likes of which I have never come across, me and the team decided not to brave the wilds in the early hours and instead began today’s trip at sunset.

Our navigator LugLug, protested this decision every step of the way, insisting that we wait until the next day rather than explore Un’goro during the night. I never thought I’d meet an Orc who turned at the thought of danger but after crossing paths with what I am about to record in this tome, I’ll make sure to heed his warning next time.

We found this foul creature prowling above us as we traversed through the steaming marshes that had emerged around our camp during the night. Every time one of us locked eyes with it, it would disappear for a few moments – only to come back again with a bigger form, sharper claws and bloodier eyes.

This behaviour would make a great discard mechanic for those who play the Warlock class although the randomness of the effect is still far too risky to rely on. The bestial nature of this card is also an issue, falling deaf on the rest of the Warlocks arsenal. But even had this been a demon, I believe it’s potential would still be very low.

Easily the least threatening specimen we found today. However, the noises they made as they slept were among some of the most irritating sounds I have ever heard. Our pitcher smiled as she took out her notebook. She’s the one who usually comes up with the ideas for how the creature would operate as a Hearthstone card. Her suggestion was equally as annoying as the babble coming from them.

Playing a turn 1 card on turn 1 always puts you in a good spot. But playing a turn 1 card on turn 1 that can draw you a spell or a bigger threat for later in the game is even more threatening. With this, I’d be surprised to witness any Priest who is unable to trigger his quest ability.

I nearly lost my hat thanks to these flame balls bombarding us from above. We fled to the caves nearby, giving Scotty, our Worgen sniper, enough time to lock and load. With every bullet between the eyes, two more of them would appear. Scotty continued to shoot but common sense eventually dawned on him and he joined us as we ran through the cave looking for safety.

Despite the not so intimidating demeanour, this creature has great utility. Some decks benefit from having more cards in hand more than others which forces me to think of Rogue and how having more 1-cost cards are always a good thing to have for the activation of combos. Watch out for this.
Running through the cave turned into sliding down a pit as we were so busy trying to get away from the Fire Flies, we were unaware of the changing landscape. We descended for at least 30 seconds before landing in a shrine of glowing elementals. Luckily, they were all sleeping. Allowing us to avoid detection from their leader, who would have wiped us out in the swing of an arm.

I would imagine that our pitcher would give a monster like this an incredibly fearsome ability but a 9 mana minion with only 5 attack and potentially 10 health is nothing to be afraid of. Even in the event that someone is able to obtain +50 health, this creature is just waiting to be turned into a sheep, turned into a frog or told to be quiet by a spellcaster.

That is all for tonight’s expedition. We managed to find a safe haven inside the cave. Luckily, Scotty carries more than just a rifle and has plenty of explosives waiting to be used. Once we get some sleep, we’ll blast our way out and continue deeper into Un’goro.

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