Warframe User Record Octavia

Looks like people have a thing for free-to-play acrobatic space ninjas at the moment – Warframe developer Digital Extremes have announced that the game broke Steam Concurrent User records during its four-year anniversary on the weekend of the 25th-26th of March, with over 65,526 players shooting up the game’s legions of Grineer, Corpus, Orokin and Infested at once.

Warframe’s four year anniversary coincides with the release of the game’s latest big update titled Octavia’s Anthem, which adds a new cinematic quest, the “Captura” photo capture tool and the eponymous playable Warframe whose abilities are structured around music.

Players create custom tunes using Octavia’s MandaChord instrument and synchronize those melodies to their weapons, allowing them to “rhythmically dominate” the enemy. Of course, violence won’t be the only possible use of the MandaChord – Tenno will be able to collaborate on musical arrangements and share their compositions with one another.

Warframe is currently available to play for free on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

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More information on the Octavia’s Anthem update can be found here.

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