Literally Advance Wars!

Nintendo’s been tossing out trailers left and right recently with the Switch due out very soon. There’s a lot of promising looking stuff and it seems Nintendo are making an effort to have much more indie support on this new platform. But the game that’s got me shaking my ass is none other than WarGroove — a blast from the past for all the Game Boy Advance enthusiasts out there.

Basically, Advance Wars pulled a Jon Snow and has come back in a totally new setting. It’s hung up the rifles and tanks for swords and dragons, not too dissimilar from the Fire Emblem series. WarGroove is a Turn Based Strategy game with a colourful, pixelated style that’ll have you inappropriately grinning as you watch your Foot Soldiers charge into battle.

In Advance Wars, players would all have access to the same army but could choose between a variety of Commanding Officers who’s abilities would grant their units varying strengths and weaknesses. WarGroove seems to be taking the same approach except it looks like you’re “Commander” is controllable, allowing them to rumble around on the battlefield with the rest of the army.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the last AW game came out and developer Intelligent Systems have given Fire Emblem the bulk of their attention, pumping out 5 titles since Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on the DS in 2008. And I’m guessing they weren’t planning on making one soon since it’s Indie Developer; Chucklefish who’re putting this out.

Which is interesting. Intelligent Systems are still alive and kicking so I’m curious to why they’re letting another company take their concept and run with it. Regardless, I’m super excited for this game. Check out the trailer below!

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