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Long running Fighting Game Tournament Final Round kicks off this weekend. And yes, the number “20” does indeed indicate that the series has gone on for 20 years! Orchestrated by community veteran Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon and his dedicated team, the event will be running over 16 games and doubles up as the first Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event.

Being such an important affair for the Street Fighter V scene, a ship load of players are heading down to Atlanta for a chance to walk away with a treasure trove of CPT points. Everybody’s hungry but not everybody can eat! Don’t worry though — There may be a bunch of guys at the table but here’s a handy list of the hands you might want to keep a keen eye on.


Being the winner of last years Pro Tour, NuckleDu is naturally going to be inside everybody’s Bingo Book. While being a Guile player primarily, he’s well known for his solid R.Mika play back in Season 1. But if there’s one guy who has the skill to pull out a sleeper character and mop you with it, it’ll be him. Great play isn’t his only asset though as the champion has been known to get a kick out of taunting in-game which has the power to make even the most humble opponents very upset.

DNL|Chris Tatarian

Chris and Momochi are two of the Ken players you’ll want to keep tabs on this weekend. With the former looking up to the latter, Chris is extremely determined to be the best Ken on earth, a goal he passionately described recently on The Jump In Podcast. Despite being a person who takes his studies very seriously, Chris has climbed the ladder of chaos and has reached a place where watching him play might make you think his character is just plain unfair. Oh.. and speaking of unfair…


If you’re looking to catch the most 2-0’s or perfects then Wolfkrone is the man you need to watch. Laura has been the talk of the town along with Urien as being two of the most hated characters in the game since Season 2 released and for good reason. Thanks to DP nerfs and some solid buffs, Laura is a pressure monster, mix-up fiend and reset goblin all in one. It doesn’t help that Wolfkrone himself isn’t particularly looked upon favorably by some of his peers. But at this point, I’m pretty sure their salt gives him strength.


Smug has emerged from the cocoon stasis he was in during Season 1 and has fully emerged as a majestic butterfly sporting boxing gloves and a lack of fight money, which will likely be his once Balrog comes in swinging. Yet another character that has the streets whispering tales of despair. Sure you might get the upper hand but only when Balrog gets V-trigger does the real game begin. A young man like Smug who has Level 99 young man reactions, solid defense and knows when to style for good measure is a recipe for entertainment.


Just look at this man! If you’re seeing this face, chances are you are already dead. Channeling the powers of every Anime villain combined, Tokido is one of the best fighting game players on the planet, evidenced by his reign of terror early last year and the fact that he basically places Top 8 on nearly everything he touches. Watch this man. Please. Or he will body you.


Catch all the action at Final Round 20 this weekend. Here’s a handy stream schedule to help with that.

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