Welcome to the promised land, Ghosts! Isn’t it magical? The purpose of this guide is to give you a couple tips and tricks for solo or group play.

Wildlands is definitely better with friends but when the mayhem becomes too much don’t be afraid to go it alone!

Lets start with some squad based tips and tricks:

  • Get in the van: This one is simple. Get. In. The. Van. When someone has a four-seater, keep everyone together. Ensures no-one gets lost or left behind and everyone can stick together when it comes to a fight.
  • Don’t take shortcuts: Self explanatory really. Shortcuts are not shortcuts. The terrain is unpredictable and difficult to navigate long distances off road. Sure the scrambler bikes are slightly better at getting over tricky ground but even they struggle. Going A to B tends to be faster by road than that “Sweet looking mountain run”, even faster by air IF your pilot knows what he’s doing.
  • Carry a Sniper: ALWAYS carry a long range rifle. It will make you life so much easier in ending other peoples. The basic M40A5 despite being a godly weapon, has a pretty lame stock scope but as you explore you will find new attachments and weapons, so pick a set that works for you. But seriously, long range rifle is life.

Wildlands: A Beginners Guide to Bolivia - n3rdabl3

  • Call your shots: As a Ghost, your first method of attack is going full sneaky panda mode and eliminating targets one at a time without anyone else knowing. With friends this becomes tricky as the timing will often be a little off and some people might both be aiming at the same target. Make it clear.
  • Don’t be afraid to go loud: When stealth fails (and it will fail, lets be honest) don’t be afraid to go full angry panda and just kill everyone. Except the civilians… they aren’t too fond of that for some reason.
  • Designate a driver: Getting around in Wildlands usually involves covering large-ish distances by vehicle or on foot. When driving it’s important to know who your wheelman is. Keep a vehicle on hand and make sure you know who’s driving, otherwise you spend 10 minutes staring at each other saying “Nah you drive” and getting nowhere.

Now for some of you solo Ghosts:

  • Max out sync shot: Sync shot is an invaluable skill, marking up to three targets and allowing you to target a fourth for a near simultaneous takedown is unbelievably helpful. Your AI squad only go on your go, so don’t worry about them going off too early.
  • Upgrade the drone: The drone is your best friend (mine’s called ISAC). You use it to scope out any possible combat zone, spotting resources and supplies as well as marking targets and designating sync shots. The basic drone battery and range are pretty poor though so you end up having to get pretty close, runs the risk of getting spotted which spoils the whole point of recon, right?

Wildlands: A Beginners Guide to Bolivia - n3rdabl3

  • Leave the squad behind: Your AI teammates are both a blessing and a curse. They will pull off shots that are physically impossible but they also tend to be derpy as all hell. They’ll get stuck in walls or just mill about in the middle of nowhere. Usually if you get in a vehicle they’ll B-line over to you but they sometimes don’t, so just leave them behind. They’ll magically appear wherever it is you’re going when you get there anyway so don’t worry about that.
  • Go in at night time: Attacking an area at night is way easier. You’re harder to spot and the enemies will be doing certain tasks that make them easier to wipe out. You’ll find them sat down to dinner or asleep in their bunks, allowing a well placed grenade or a sneaky smothering to remove them from play.

This’ll cover most things you’ll encounter, but one last word of advice: Tag EVERYTHING. Wildlands has supplies scattered all over everything and your Ghost will materialise GPS trackers to mark everything for pick up out of some magic-Deadpool style backpack. These allow you to expand your available skill upgrades so tag EVERYTHING.

That’s it, now you’re ready to go dismantle the Satna Blanca organisation without too much fuss. Guns up and get out there Ghosts!