Yu-Gi-Oh Cards you Could Make a Movie out of

Remember Yu-Gi-Oh? that thing we were all into after Pokémon and Beyblade? Y’know that card game a few people played but still had more actual players than Pokémon?

If you think about it, and if you’ve ever watched Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, you will have realised that the Yu-Gi-Oh is just a bunch of over-dressed teens playing card games in very dramatic fashion. So if an idea-strapped movie studio we’re to acquire the rights to make a Yu-Gi-Oh movie, where could they take it?

I doubt the blockbuster cinema goers would want two hours of kids playing card games. Though you have to admit it, the card artwork is amazing and almost implies there’s an interesting alternate world where these cards live.

Maybe this alternate world holds an interesting story or four?

Why did I specifically use the number four, because honestly I only have three ideas, that’s why.

Dark Magicians – The favourite card of titular hero, Yugi, was always one of my favourite cards. If a desperate studio exec saw this card, his pitch would be about how they script could be really similar to that successful (at least in China) World of Warcraft movie.

If this studio exec worked for Warner Brothers he could even bang on about how it’s kind of like Harry Potter and even imply that it could be part of a shared universe. Of course, Dark Magician has a cast to accompany him, like Dark Magician Girl and even for a longshot, Sagi the dark Clown.

Blue Eyes White Dragon – Apparently this new King Kong movie is going to tie in with the most recent Godzilla movie. Add to the fact that Pacific Rim is getting a sequel, I think it’s safe to say monsters could be the next big movie genre.

Cue the rare and coveted Blue Eyes White Dragon and the huge family of dragon-themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards and you could create a man and good monster vs bad monster movie.

Elemental Heroes – Superheroes are big money right now, in TV, the cinema and in video games, with the likes of Square Enix and Marvel teaming up.

With many jealous studios floating around, why doesn’t someone base a franchise around the Elemental Heroes, the superhero-themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards that were used by Yu-Gi-Oh GX character Jayden?

Loosely based around superhero staples like Batman, The Thing, and Hawkman you can’t really go wrong if they’re based off successful cash cows like these.

Kuriboh – Look how popular the Minions are and imagine a Minion style mega franchise based around fuzzy hairy ball that people find cute?

Do I need to say more?

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