10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake

Remakes are nothing new, the entertainment industry has a habit of retreading the same ground and digging up old ideas, giving them a quick polish and selling them anew. Of course, games are no exception.

From Resident Evil to Ratchet and Clank, games are remade all of the time. HD remasters are a much more common occurrence though, with it being particularly popular over the last few years. And while there have been many games which have gotten remakes, there are those which have been criminally overlooked.

So I’ve come up with a list of games which absolutely deserve to be remade and re imagined using current generation hardware.

Metal Gear Solid

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

The original Metal Gear Solid was and is still to this day, an absolute masterpiece. It’s the game that taught me that you could tell a blockbuster-sized story in a game. The level design still holds up, sure, but the graphics and control scheme make the game difficult to revisit. What better way to celebrate the game than by rebuilding it from the ground-up using Metal Gear Solid 5’s FOX engine. The story would remain unchanged but the gameplay would be given the same level of polish as its modern counterparts. Konami recently recreated parts of MGS 3 for a pachinko machine (the fact of which haunts my every waking moment) and the results were fantastic. So come on Konami, what better way to make amends with Kojima than by giving this undeniable classic the face lift it deserves.

Crash Team Racing

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

If you’d have told me a few years ago that Crash would be spinning back into our lives in 2017, I’d have started work on a time machine. While I’m absolutely over the moon that Sony are giving Crash Bandicoot the love it deserves, there’s still a part of me that wants more. After all, my favourite Crash game is and will always be Crash Team Racing. When it was first released back in 1999, we were all surprised by what a competent kart racer it was, rivalling even the king of the hill Mario titles. Mariokart is still going strong, obviously, so there’s clearly still a market for people who want to race their friends. There are more PS4s in the wild then any other current console, so why doesn’t Sony take a substantial bite of the cherry and remake Crash Team Racing. It’s really just the visuals that would need the most work and the addition of online functionality would breathe new life into the series.

Spyro the Dragon

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Man, this list is starting to read like a PlayStation mascots which should make a comeback piece. But I don’t care, I miss that little purple dragon. Call it dough-eyed nostalgia but the Spyro series will always have a place in my heart. Sony proved last year with Ratchet and Clank that it is possible to remake a classic series with great success. I truly believe that there are enough people out there who have fond memories of playing Spyro back in the day that, if priced and marketed correctly, could mirror Ratchet and Clank’s success.

Earthworm Jim

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Hear me out, it is an absolute travesty that Earthworm Jim has remained buried away in the dirt for so long. There was an HD remaster in 2010 but I’m talking a re imagining of the first game. The world is so full of character that you could really go anywhere with it. A gritty over the top DOOM treatment where you use a series of hilariously violent weapons to eviscerate Jim’s foes. Perhaps a harrowing tale of Jim trying to rebuild his suit piece-by-piece to get off a hostile planet. More than anything, I just want the opportunity to use Jim’s worm-head as a whip again.

The Getaway

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Let’s play a little game. I ring you, you do the job. You don’t do what I tell you, the kid dies. You don’t do it when I tell you, the kid dies. You don’t do it where I tell you, the kid dies. You talk to anyone, you’re late, or you let me down, your kid dies! You getting my drift?” Wow I was definitely too young to play this game when it first released (I was 8). The Getaway was an ever-so British sandbox crime thriller where you drove cars, shot gangsters and called people Wankers. While the Grand Theft Auto franchise is undeniably nailing this genre, there’s definitely room for a British counter-part. A fully realised version of London would be a great setting for a game, one which has as of yet not been done. It would be the typical gangster vibe we all know and love, just with more Cockneys.

Mega Man 2

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

I’ve always thought there was a huge amount of potential with Mega Man. Over the years the series absolutely perfected the 2D platformer and gave us interesting variations in art style and story. The core formula of a Mega man game is simple. Overcome a series of robot masters created by the evil Dr Wiley. Each robot master is themed, Flashman, Magnetman etc so the possibilities are endless. While the third entry in the series is the best in my opinion, Mega Man 2 is the one that everyone played and is familiar with. Using the backbone of the game, same robot masters and stages, I think it would be amazing to see an open-world Mega Man in which you fight each Robot master in an area of the city. The various weapons could be used to navigate the over world, with certain areas blocked off until later through the game, metroid-vania style. It would be a big shift for the franchise, but one which could breathe new life into it.


10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

While this year’s Nioh was the closest thing to a new Onimusha game as possible, I feel like the time is right for a full-fledged return to the franchise. Using the same Japanese history from the first game, it would be great to experience Onimusha with updated controls and visuals. New technology would allow for larger areas to explore and larger, more menacing bosses. Nioh proved that people are still hungry for games of this style, so let’s give the people what they want.

Panzer Dragoon

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Four words, Panzer Dragoon Virtual Reality. Imagine this oddball Sega Saturn game recreated for current headsets. Last year’s Rez: Infinite proved that classic on-rails games were perfectly suited for VR so Panzer Dragoon should be the next plausible step. The beautiful manga-inspired visuals along with the true feeling of motion that VR provides would make a revisit to the world of Panzer Dragoon well worthwhile.

Final Fantasy VI

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Let’s be honest, we all know that Final Fantasy VI is better than Final Fantasy VII. Sure the latter brought the series into the 3D Realm but VI did everything just a little bit better. Alas it’s VII which is getting the remake and not VI. The story of VI is an epic and ultimately sad tale of technology and magic. Re-imagining Figaro city, Narsh and the Veldt in 3D would be amazing and the steampunk aesthetic would carry over nicely.

Perfect Dark

10 Games That Desperately Deserve a Remake - n3rdabl3

Imagine Perfect Dark with the budget and technological advancements of today thrown at it. It was an unrivalled shooter experience when it released so with a little work it could certainly go toe to toe with Destiny and Call of Duty. It could be the multiplayer shooter that Nintendo needs right now. As a switch exclusive, Perfect Dark would add a lot of value to Nintendo’s growing Switch library and convert a lot of people over to the hardware.

Do you agree with my list, what games would you like to see remade on current hardware? Let me know in the comments.