Get Saints Row 2 Free and Saints Row IV Cheap & DRM-Free in Sale

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money? You’re in luck, because DRM-free games retailer have announced a new Deep Silver sale that offers some deep discounts on every Saints Row game available on PC, including:

You can also buy the full set of five Saints Row games available on PC for £11.16. Whether you like the direction the series took later on or not, that’s a very good price for a collection of very entertaining games if you ask me.

As a special bonus, are also offering the chance to grab Saints Row 2 for free for the next 48 hours – I can imagine why they’ve chosen to offer the second game for free, as I’ve talked about previously the Saints Row 2 PC port is legendarily awful, but no DRM and a price tag of nothing definitely softens the hit.

That’s not all though – if you connect your account to your Steam account before the sale ends, you will receive a DRM-free copy of all eligible Saints Row titles you already own on Steam.

The Deep Silver & Saints Row sales will run until April 27th.

Actually, while I’m moaning about Volition’s sandbox titles, am I the only one who thinks the upcoming Agents of Mayhem isn’t looking all that great? It just seems so… lifeless. Here’s hoping I’m proven wrong.

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