Part 2 of Sniper Elite’s DLC Campaign is Here

Rebellion has today announced that the second part of their DLC campaign for Sniper Elite 4, Deathstorm, is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Deathstorm Part 2 continues the brand new DLC mini-campaign which launched last month, this time with “Infiltration”. After finding the Deathstorm package, Agent Karl Fairburne is now off to the north of Italy to find out what the Nazis are planning to do with this new weapon.

Infiltration will focus around the medieval town of Niroli, the regional centre for the Nazi propaganda machine supported by a strong military force.

In addition to the DLC campaign, all Sniper Elite 4 players will receive a free map, mode, and Survival mission. The free map, “Urban” works across survival mode and all competitive multiplayer modes, as well as the return of Capture the Flag!

And finally, the Urban Assault Expansion Pack is also available today which offers 8 urban-themed rifle skins, male and female ghillie characters, and three new weapons,  the Winchester, Sten and Walther PPK.