5 DC Characters who Should be in Injustice 2

With only a few holes in the roster left, who should make the draft for Injustice 2? Who has the skills and the powers to duke it out with Superman or Batman? Here are our choices of DC characters who should make it in Injustice 2.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have super strength or have spent most of your life training in martial arts, and don’t fret if your favourite character doesn’t have a power ring.

Kyle Rayner aka White Lantern

I know Kyle was killed during the prequel Injustice, but I reckon Kyle actually could logically scrap with a rogue Superman. Not as a Green Lantern, not even as Ion, the space whale power source of the Green Lantern Battery.

No, we need White Lantern Kyle, the lantern who mastered the emotional spectrum and has demi-god powers. I always think it’s bizarre when you see someone like Green Arrow knocking the ding dong out of Superman.

Though I could see White Lantern have a chance against the Man of Steel.

Jason Todd aka Red Hood

No one really tends to stay dead in comics, unless their death is a big feature to an origin story. So you don’t need a huge or well thought out reason for the rogue 2 Robin to return.

His brutal style of combat would be so suited for this vicious interpretation of the DC Universe.

Batman Beyond

Who would win a scrap? A flying Batmobile or Aquaman? Those questions and many more could be answered if we added Batman of the Future to Injsutice 2.

How can you sneak attack The Flash or avoid the eagle eyed attacks of Deadshot? That’s simple Batman of the Futures (Or Batman Beyond, depending on where you live) Batsuit has a stealth function that makes it really easier.

The Atom

Shrink down and get the drop on your opponent with Ray Palmer AKA The Atom with the ability to shrink down. Imagine the crazy finishers and combat that could be associated with this pint-size hero?

Cyborg Superman

Have you ever imagine what a robot Superman might look like if Mortal Kombat included him in a game?

Well, that’s Cyborg Superman, an evil Superman robot. If that sentence doesn’t sell you on the idea I don’t know what will.

Have I missed any obvious ones? Comment below and let us know.