40% of the UK Gaming Industry are Considering Relocating after Brexit

According to a report by UK trade body, Ukie, around 40% of the UK gaming industry is considering relocating a portion if not all of their business to another country following the trigger of Article 50.

Ahh Brexit. So far, I’m struggling to see the appeal of taking the United Kingdom out of the EU. So far all of the headlines have been reporting its negative impact on the UK rather than its benefits, and the latest is in regards to an industry I hold dear: The UK gaming industry.

According to research conducted by Ukie and published last week following a presentation to MPs and Peers in Westminster, many UK-based gaming companies feeling that the uncertain future of the UK will have a negative effect on business.

40% of respondents to the report said that they’re considering partial, if not total relocation of their business to another country. This figure comes from data collected from a total of 75 UK firms across the entire spectrum of the industry.

The main concern across the industry is over the potential loss of staff and talent from EU countries which could result in a skills shortage. Ukie found that 57% of UK games companies employ workers from the EU. Another potential problem is the lack of funding post-exit, something which is currently up in the air.

You can read the full 55-page report over on their website.


Earlier this year, Ukie announced that the UK games industry was valued at its highest ever at over £4 billion. If companies were to exit the UK following the trigger of Article 50, that number could indeed be effected.

The UK has been and currently is home to some of the industry’s best development studios and other companies within the UK gaming industry. It’d be an absolute shame if they were to plant their roots elsewhere.

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