Games get popular for various things like a great story, top-notch graphics, a kick-ass soundtrack or a really fun battle system. And sometimes, games get a shutout for creating and a really cool looking weapon.

Designed specifically for it’s game, sometimes an iconic weapon is so unique that it’s just as significant to the game as the hero/villain wielding it.

Here are ten seriously cool and iconic weapons/powers in video games!

Portal Gun (Portal)

You can’t have Portal games without the Handheld Portal Device, can you? Used to create portals that objects can pass through, this gun is the main weapon of the player and helps you get through the various puzzles in the game. Not necessarily used to fight enemies like most of the other weapons on this list, the Portal Gun can defy gravity by lifting and manipulating objects.

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy 7)

Originally appearing as Cloud Strife’s signature weapon he carries on his back, the Buster Sword is the first weapon that comes to mind when I picture the Final Fantasy series. The Buster Sword is a broadsword that continues to pop up in other games of the series as well, garnering great popularity among fans. Long (approximately six inches) with a massively intimidating dark grey sword has been wielded by many before Cloud. First Angeal, and then Zach before he passed it onto his friend Cloud, the sword has had no shortage of impressive owners.

Energy Sword (Halo)

Exclusively used by the Sangheili of the Covenant Empire, it is a holy weapon and considered a great honour to use. With it’s curved hilt and two parallel blades, the Energy Sword might be only good in a close-quarters fight but it’s unique design (which can slice any enemy in two with boiling plasma,) make it obvious why the weapon is only used by an elite group.

Plasmids/Vigors (Bioshock)

I would argue that Plasmids and Vigors are the most fun weapons to use on this list. With a ton of different kinds to choose from (hellish fireballs, vicious killer crows, freezing ice, manipulation, telekinesis, etc) the way you fight in-game will definitely change depending on which one you decide to use. And if you happen to have a favourite, the game offers upgrades to make your favourite addiction just a touch more lethal so long as you have the cash to pay for it. Plasmids and vigors are a lot of fun in these games, adding another dimension to an otherwise run-of-the-mill shooter. Getting to wield abilities like these definitely makes you feel more bad-ass in the secret utopia’s that aren’t exactly throwing out the welcome carpet for outsiders like you.

Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)


Imagine being in a tight spot, whipping out your gravity gun and suddenly everything in the room is a possible weapon at your disposal. The Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2 is a pretty epic weapon that helped inspire a generations more of similar others because the ability to grab and shoot is pretty freaking awesome. This gun also allows you to get creative when you use the gun to climb obstacles and make improvised cover!

Mark 2 Lancer (Gears of War)

This multi-purpose assault rifle is pretty badass. A new and definitely improved model from it’s predecessor, this ones built with a larger mag, better accuracy and – probably it’s most iconic feature – a chainsaw bayonet. At first, a normal bayonet attached at the end was strong enough to break through locust skin and so with some improvisation, it was decided that a department store buzzsaw worked much better – now it’s an iconic staple in the games. 

Brotherhood (Final Fantasy X)

The Brotherhood is a stunning and striking sword with an equally tragic backstory. Appearing in Final Fantasy X, the sword originally belongs to Wakka, before he gifts it to our hero Tidus. Before Tidus came along, Wakka had the given the sword to his brother who unfortunately was a crusader and met an untimely death fighting Sin. Since Tidus reminds Wakka so much of his brother, he decides to bestow the sword to him instead. Standing for friendship, the longsword is a beautiful blue, with bubbles emanating from it and the blade ends in a hook. the grip is wrapped in brown with a red ribbon tied to the end of it. The sword is Tidus strongest (save for his Celestial Weapon) one in the game with a powerful boost mid game and a killer waterstrike ability. Brotherhood even appears on the cover of the game in it’s rightful place, Tidus’ hand.

Do you agree with our list? What are your favourite weapons to use in video games? Let us know in the comments down below!

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