A Shovel Knight Art Book is in the Works

It looks like Shovel Knight is getting his own art-book, at least that is according to an Amazon listing which surfaced earlier this week.

Shovel Knight won the hearts of many when the crowdfunding campaign for the game launched back in 2013. Since then, Yacht Club Games have been hard at work making not one, but two expansions for the game which have also launched for free.

Now, the game is available on Nintendo Switch in the form of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, a repackaged version of the game which includes the base game and the first expansion as well as the upcoming Spectre of Torment release.

To top it all off, fans of the spade wielding knight will be able to add an art book to their collection with the Shovel Knight: Official Design Works art book. This 184-page offering will include tons of art, concept art, and more.

I’m into it, what about you?

The art book is set to launch on August 29, here’s the full blurb:

“Shovel Knight: Official Design Works collects the fun and original artwork behind this landmark title. Inside you’ll find key art, character concepts, enemy designs, sprite sheets, unused ideas, and an all-new Shovel Knight tribute art gallery! This epic tome is also packed with creator commentary, as well as exclusive interview with the Yacht Club Games team.”