Age Of Heroes VR Announced

Today, developer Omnigames announced their VR based MMORPG Age of Heroes. The game aims to capture the raid-style game play of the genre all the while blending it with first person VR action. Speaking in a press release the developers explained their thinking behind the game.

“With Age of Heroes, we integrated the traditional role-playing features and first person boss battles into the VR genre to create an immersive and refreshing game experience. We look forward to receiving player feedback in the upcoming closed beta and then sharing the game with the world upon full launch.”

The game will feature multiplayer character classes, boss fights, cross platform multiplayer as well as character loot and progression. Omnigames have put a lot of thought into making Age of Heroes as comfortable as possible by using techniques such as real body movement.

“We were thinking about how to make the combat more immersive and thrilling in VR. One of the answers is Actual Body Movements: you are not only playing the game with VR controllers but also using your own body.” Said the developer.

Age of Heroes will enter a closed beta very soon so keep an eye out for details on how to register. Watch the announcement trailer below.