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Another New Hero Unveiled for Quake Champions

Another Champ enters the arena

Another New Hero Unveiled for Quake Champions

A new Quake Champion has come into play. This one is a badass Roller Queen by the name of Slash.

Fraggers will find this fast, brash woman to be a viciously effective opponent. Her Plasma Trail ability makes a victim out of anyone who follows too close, giving her the chance to strategically encircle key power-ups and points creating a crushing wall of pain. Slash’s Crouch Slide makes her an even faster opponent and increases her mobility around corners.

Starting Stats:

Starting Health: 100
Starting Armor: 25
Speed: 310

Active Ability – “Plasma Trail: Activating Slash’s Active Ability leaves a bright trail of destruction in her wake, inflicting damage on enemies careless enough to pass through the wall of pain. Players can also choose to hit their ability button again, causing the trail to explode, inflicting massive damage to Champions in the area. Cut off key paths or encircle enemies or power-ups in a crushing barrier of suffering.”

Passive Ability – “Crouch Slide: Slash is already super mobile, but by crouching while running, she’ll use her skates to go into Crouch Slide, allowing her to move full speed while crouching and whip around corners smoother and faster than other Champions.”


Slash was always obsessed with skating. She could always hear this melody in her head that drove her to dance and skate. The music continued to play, even in her dreams, until it just never stopped. This constant, unending music willed her to never stop skating.

The music made her see things, impossible things. Entire, separate realities that couldn’t possibly exist. Drugs were the only thing that could stop the music and visions. She relied on clozapine to start, but eventually that stopped working, so she transitioned to heroin.

In this constant struggle between drugs and music she met a boy. This boy could also see these strange realms, and planes of existence. It was then Slash realized she wasn’t alone. She stayed with the boy, and as the drug trips continued, they slipped further and further  until the other world became a reality. It was then that they found themselves trapped in the Dreamlands. Forced to eternally battle the other Champions from the waking realm.

Check out the trailer below!