“Yo, I heard you like build-up, so I put some more build-up in your build-up!” – the motto of this week’s episode. The plot thickens as we gradually discover more about the current situation, beginning with a creepy as heck “welcome home” uttered from a Titan that has to be Connie’s mother. Sorry mate. I’m sure she was a great woman.

We discover that the walls are all made from the rock material Hange recovered from Annie’s Final Fantasy crystal and it’s now Eren’s job to spontaneously learn how to harden in order to seal the breach. However, it turns out there might be pie on everyone faces after the scouts were unable to find a breach in the wall which could have devastating implications.

I like how this was handled from a narrative standpoint. Show the characters who discover a piece of information and then cut to a scene where other characters are making a plan based on them not having the information revealed moments ago. It’s a nice way to tease what’s warming up to be an awesomely action packed and potentially tragic sequence. But still, that’s a lot of faith everyone is putting in Eren considering he is yet to achieve full mastery over piloting his titan form. Even worse, it was teased during his fight with Annie that he may have a craving for violence. This is great news of course because all of these fragile holes in the plan can only mean one thing: Action

Although a very slow episode (just like episode 1 and 2) the intrigue was interesting enough to keep me engaged. We still have the hairy titan up to no good, Eren’s goal to reach that mysterious basement is still a thing and the titans being able to move at night when the whole episode hung off the idea that they couldn’t, created a storm of excitement for the next episode.

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