Aven Colony New Survival Gameplay Trailer

Aven Colony is a sci-fi building and management sim developed by Team 17 and mothership entertainment. Today, a new trailer was released outlining the survival aspect of the game. Aven Colony takes place within Aven Prime, humanities first extra-solar system which is a hostile, alien world with a variety of different biomes and environments.

The player must defend their settlement against giant sandworms, volatile weather and various hazardous spores. There’s a single player campaign as well as a sandbox mode in which the player can choose from a variety of maps and tweak the in-game settings to their preferences.

Sandstorms, toxic gas clouds and Ice storms aren’t the only thing to worry about as there are creep spores which will infect buildings and plague spores which will attack the colony.There’s settlements to build, resources to manage and a mystery to uncover.

Aven Colony is due for release Q2 2017 and will come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Watch the trailer below: