Battle Princess Madelyn Kickstarter Ends, over 300% Funded

Battle Princess Madelyn, a spiritual successor to Ghouls and Ghosts, has reached its original Kickstarter goal. Not only did it reach the original $60,000 goal it completely smashed through it. As it stands, Battle Princess Madelyn has raised $212,665. That means that the game has beaten its target by over 300 percent!

The game is a trojan style classic-platformer reminiscent of Capcom’s Ghosts and goblins. The inspiration for the game came from the creator’s daughter Madelyn who fell in love with the original game. Creative Director of Causal Bit Games and Madelyn’s father Christopher Obritsch decided to build her a new game in which she could be a playable character.

The response to the game’s funding campaign has been positive to say the least with support coming from multiple areas of the industry. Speaking on a Kickstarter post, Christopher Obritsch commented on the success of the campaign: “Thanks to all your support we have the ability to bring people on board to improve the game even more, and have also built up a huge community who we have no doubt will support this game across the finish line. Together we will succeed!”

Battle Princess Madelyn will release on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii U and Xbox One. It is expected in Feb 2018. Watch a prototype demo of the game below.