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Big Overwatch News Due Next Week

True to form the Overwatch Twitter account teased an announcement next week and fans have gone nuts.

Big Overwatch News Due Next Week

According to a tweet from the @PlayOverwatch Twitter account, which shows details of an archived Overwatch mission that took place seven years ago during the ‘King’s Row uprising’, is hinting at something big.

Hardcore fans will know that popular characters Tracer and Widowmaker fight in King’s Row prior to the assassination of a key figure in the battle for omnic equality, so they are speculating that the teaser could be preparing fans for a new story-driven event that will kick off as early as next week.

The short video accompanying the tweet lends itself to this theory as it appears to show a new Tracer skin with new skins typically introduced during timed in-game events.

Blizzard have previously said they’d like to run more in-game events. Given that the Chinese New Year event ended in February it makes sense that a new event can’t be far off.

It’s possible that Blizzard might also drop a new animated short or comic to accompany the event (if it is an event) next week. Fingers crossed! If you want to dive down the rabbit hole and see what the Overwatch community see in the teaser you can check out some threads on Reddit.

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