Birthdays the Beginning

NIS America have released a batch of screenshots for its upcoming sandbox game, Birthdays The Beginning which show of the game’s Challenge Mode.

In Birthdays The Beginning players are tasked with managing their own biome bringing life into their world as they alter the terrain, environmental effects such as climate, and introducing certain organisms into their world.

While the majority of the game is a sandbox title where players can do whatever they please, there will be a Challenge Mode that’ll give players tough decisions to make in order to succeed.

In the Challenge Mode players are given a set amount of years and special conditions to complete a challenge. One of these challenges could involve creating and capturing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, when beginning the challenge the world they’re presented with may not be suitable for the dinosaur, so players will need to change the environment conditions and the world itself in order to cater to the beast, however this could involve wiping out an entire population.

Throughout the game, players will also be using the “Mysterious Glass Jar” an item which saves the genetic information of an organism and lets you decide whether to bring it back to life.

The game constantly requires players to think on their toes to balance out conditions to ensure all of their organisms coexist happily… or in some cases, not at all.

Check out the new batch of screens below:


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