Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Volume 1 Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It’s the next chapter in the Naruto story where the crazy adventures of The Hidden Leaf now follows the next generation of ninja fighting for truth and justice.

Our story picks up many years after the conclusion of the Third Ninja World. The world is enjoying a lengthy era of peace and many heroes of the good old days have settled down to start families. Boruto, the eldest child of Naruto, is struggling to find his own path. His father, Naruto is too busy running The Hidden Leaf Village and he wants his father to notice and be more of a dad.

Unlike his dad at his age, Boruto is pretty well-liked and is fairly good at being a ninja. Just like his dad at this age, however, he believes in doing the right thing and is a bit of a pest. With a description like this, Boruto was almost in danger of becoming clone of his dad.

Fortunately the story arc of the story competently avoids this, even if the plot feels a bit like an extended pilot episode. Quickly summing up the story, Boruto wants to impress in the upcoming Chunin exam and does this with the aid of new mentor, Sasuke.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Volume 1 Review - n3rdabl3

When Boruto fears his training isn’t enough, he decides to embrace new technology and with a new threat on the horizon, Boruto needs to bring the best of himself to his first adventure.

Interestingly enough, I once met someone who had been to Japan to train at one of the few ninja schools left in Japan. He told me at the core of the teaching of being a ninja it’s all about achieving your goal with the least effort. So Boruto does kind of embrace that teaching for the Chunin Exam.

The tale so far is a great set up for the future of the franchise, it just needs some original characters which aren’t the spawn of some main characters from part 1 to 3. If you’ve played the games and have seen the movie, you maybe be a little bored of this tale but it sure is a great setup for the Boruto era of the Naruto franchise.

Of course, you get an extra treat as we got to see what Ninja Voldermort is up to and how an ally of Boruto could be a danger to the young ninja.