Brave the Frozen Remnants of Earth in Frostpunk

From the creators of This War of Mine comes Frostpunk, a survival game based around leading a society of people through a very hostile environment.

It seems the game will carry the same emphasis on mature themes as This War of Mine, exploring the hardships of survival in a frozen and unforgiving landscape.

11 bit studios have released a brand new trailer  (watch below) which gives a bleak and brief glimpse into Frostpunk’s frozen world. The trailer shows climbers attempting to scale a massive icy cliff face in an attempt to reach a mysterious city which is the only point of light within a huge icy tundra. To combat the hostile weather, people have developed steam-based technology which alters society forever.

11 bit studios is no stranger to the survival genre. Their previous game This War of Mine told the story of civilians trapped in a warzone. The game was praised for its deep resource management and bold, honest story direction. A later update added children into the mix which only upped the tension and intensity.

Frostpunk is due for release in the second half of 2017.