Bullet Soul Mixes Bullet-Hell Action With Classic Shooter Design

Bullet Soul is inspired by classic arcade shooters but makes use of more modern gameplay mechanics. Bullet Soul blends anime character designs with arcade visuals, and ties it all together with a futuristic techno soundtrack.

Score chasing is the name of the game as the player must destroy enemies to build multipliers, all the while avoiding the torrent of bullets filling the screen. Bullet Soul encourages and rewards aggressive play styles, to make it out alive players must force through the waves of enemies making full use of weapon bonuses.

This release contains 4 different modes and both DLC packs from the original Xbox 360 version. There are hidden secrets to find and leaderboards to climb using a variety of different ships.

Bullet Soul is now available on PC via steam. There is currently a 10% discount available for the game, watch the trailer below:

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