Cardcaptors vs. Batgirl / Manga vs. Comics

So, Cardcaptors is making its way back to our screens and Batgirl is making is making her way back to live action movies. Though, who would win in a scrap? I think you could make decent 6-issue miniseries out of this at least.

Why would these two be scrapping? Well, what if Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, moved to Japan to live with a relative in the area, like Bruce Waynes seldom talked about Aunt Harriet and his cousin Van Wayne. This location also happens to be where Sakura a.k.a. the lead character from Cardcaptors operates (convenient right?)

Let’s say this particular Batgirl is just as grumpy and as paranoid as Bruce Wayne from Batman vs Superman… What if Batgirl didn’t like the idea of a dizty child wielding magic powers causing havoc?

Who would win? Of course, Sakura has access to the power of Clow Cards, but Batgirl was trained by Batman and she, of course, has access to all of his fancy gadgets as well. Like all the best Batman stories, the bat-character encounters their opponent three times.

The first time these two meet, Barbara comes off worse and Sakura gets the best of her. In between, Barbara begins to understand her enemy a little better, however, her enemy is closer than she thinks

The second time they meet, Barbara gets off a little worse for wear, but with more data to fight her enemy. A little more filler and as the two understand the next clash will be deadly.

Finally, they clash again. Batgirl gets the upper hand, but when Sakura’s best friend Maddison gets kidnapped buy a well-known Batman villain like let say, The Riddler or Two Face, the two team up and maybe Batgirl gets a go with the summoned sword that comes from the Sakura Sword Clow Card and Sakura gets to use a Batarang.

The two make friends and set off in opposite ways into the sunset with new friend and some great memories that legally neither can be bought up in their separate universes again due a complex issue of copyright.

I’d read that…