On Saturday, I took a trip to EGX Rezzed in London to see what fun indie games were in the works as well as some that had just been released. I was only there for one of three days, so it would have been impossible for me to get through all of them.

However, to help you out, here’s a brief showcase of some of the games that caught my eye and are ones to look out for!

For the Nostalgia: Yooka Laylee

Developer: Playtonic
Release date: April 11, 2017
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One (possibly Switch)

This is a game that doesn’t need an introduction. Fully funded by fans on Kickstarter, Yooka Laylee is the spiritual successor to the beloved Banjo Kazooie franchise. The controls and gameplay will be very familiar very quickly to Banjo fans, and the sound effects and music by Kirkhope bring back the nostalgic feeling of playing N64 platformers. I got to play the demo and it was exactly what I expected, nothing more, nothing less. With the launch of this game on the horizon, I’m interested to see everybody’s reactions to this game, both Banjo fans and new. For me, it has the same old charm of Banjo, but still has brand new elements and is more than just a copy of the past.

For the Survivalists: Stationeers

Developer: Rocketwerkz
Release date: TBC
Platform: PC

Announced at Rezzed, Stationeers is Dean Hall’s newest project. Taking inspiration for Space Station 13 as well as Minecraft mods, Space Engineers and Factorio, this multiplayer survival game is in the early works. Soon this will be available for early access for players to try, but for those who love hardcore survival that take elements such as hunger, thirst, sanity, and many more, this game will be an instant favourite. I can expect many changes to this game, from improving the appearance and possibly even having the servers hold more than 16 players. With developer streams coming soon, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

For the Inquisitive: TACENDA

Developer: FINIFUGU & friends
Release date: N/A
Platform: iOS

First thing to know about this game – it’s not a game but an experience. For those who enjoy interactive films that give you no rules except for ‘do what you want’, TACENDA is a whimsical mobile game. It takes place on a train journey, and your role is to listen to the passengers. Whose stories you listen to is up to you, some are long and some are short. Some are life stories and some are shocking anecdotes, all accompanied with dream-like drawings emerging from behind the windows. It’s definitely a subjective piece, however if you love things that are different and leave you with more questions than answers, then TACENDA is one to definitely check out.

For the VR Fans: Dick Wilde

Developer: Bolverk Games
Release date: March 30, 2017
Platform: Steam VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR (at later date)

This is a fun VR shooter game that is easy to pick up with many replays. You play Dick, a pest controller with a load of weapons ready to use. From harpoons to a bow and arrow, each weapon has a different function and affects what you face in game! Not only are you fighting off weapons like crocs and fish, projectiles are being fired at you, making you duck down to avoid getting hurt. Even after playing this game for a few minutes, I quickly found out this game is a bit of a workout for the quads! The simple concept of a gallery shooter combined with the fun cartoons and weapons makes this game a right hoot!

For the Racers: Fast RMX

Developer: Shinen
Release date: March 3, 2017
Platform: Switch

Reminiscent of F Zero, this fast paced intense racing game is easy to pick up and great fun with friends. Mixing racing with colour coordination, you boost your way through twisted tracks and obstacles, leaping from road to road. Hitting other players as you pass leaves them spinning,and changing your car’s colour to match the boost pads on the roads leave you speeding up ahead. This game is not for the casual player, and will require all your concentration as you weave through many maps. This exclusive is a must buy for those who own a Switch, and make a fun and simple addition to the Switch collection!

For the Puzzle Nerds: Snake Pass

Developer: Sumo Digital
Release date: March 29th, 2017
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Snake Pass is a fun and simple physics puzzle game, with a snake and a bird. Taking inspiration from Banjo Kazooie, this cartoony collectathon requires patience, skill and thinking outside the box to slither your way through the levels. Not only is it a challenging puzzle game, it’s sure to bring a lot of laughs and screams of frustration as players figure out how to wind their way around bamboo, stairs and cliffs. Any puzzle nerd who wants a game to pass the time, definitely check this one out!

For the Tycoons: Megaquarium

Developer: Twice Circled
Release date: Q1 2018
Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux

If you love Rollercoaster Tycoon or similar simulation games, then you will adore Megaquarium! It’s the similar concept of building your own aquarium and unlocking more as you progress. It’s in early days still, however what I played was polished and I can see this becoming a fun challenging tycoon game. The game itself is very easy to learn, explaining instructions clearly with a simple interface. I am definitely intrigued to see what goes on with this game in the future and will be keeping my eyes peeled!

For more information about these games as well as others that were at EGX Rezzed, check out their website.

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