Deadpool 2 Has Its Cable Guy

After much speculation, the actor to play the next big character from Deadpool 2 has been announced as Josh Brolin!

If you recognise the name, then that’s no surprise as Brolin will also be playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War next year. There were many actors lined up as potential Cables, such as Michael Shannon and David Harbour, but Brolin snuck up and nabbed the role. This makes you wonder if there are any other Marvel roles Brolin could end up in in the future…

Deadpool 2 will be featuring more of the humorous hero reprised by Reynolds, and he will be joined by more characters from the X-Men universe. In the comics, Cable is a soldier from the future and a mentor to the New Mutants, succeeding Xavier and Magneto. He’s very much a ‘been sent to the past to try and stop this bad thing happening and doing whatever it takes to make it happen’ guy, and was created by the same man that created Deadpool. He’s a well-loved badass in the X-Men and Deadpool comics, and sure to be a great addition to the new movie. How he’ll fit in is still a question we can’t answer…

With production likely to begin this June, we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open to see what else we learn about one of our favourite antiheroes!

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