Digital Board Game Antihero Gets July Launch Date

Versus Evil has announced that the upcoming one-man developed digital board game, Antihero, will be launching on July 12 for PC with a mobile release coming later this year.

Having previously previewed Antihero at Gamescom last year, I had the pleasure of checking out a more recent and fleshed out build of the game at Rezzed last week, and I’m definitely excited for this game.

Antihero, in brief, is a digital board game which pits two players against each other as thieves in a Victorian gas-lit underworld. By taking turns each player must conquer as much territory as possible before their opponent which in turn grants them more resources and achieve several win conditions.

The game, at launch, will include a single player campaign, a versus AI mode, plus two multiplayer modes, an asynchronous Casual Match, and a Live Match that’ll put players under pressure with a time limit for each turn.

Antihero will initially launch on PC, with a tablet and mobile release to come thereafter. Players can currently gain “First Access” to the game on, and they can pre-order the game on Steam and get 20% off as well as the first DLC pack, “The Book Club” that’ll include four Master Thief skins based on well-known literary characters:

  • Miss Alice
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • and Tiny Tim

Check out the new animated trailer below: