Don’t Look Now, but SOMA now Supports Tobii Eye Tracking

Frictional Games’ latest horror title, SOMA, is about to get that little bit scarier with the addition of support for Tobii eye tracking.

In SOMA there’s no fighting back, players must have their wits about them to outsmart and ultimately avoid death in the game, either that or they could just run for their lives. Seems easy enough, eh? Well what if your eyes were to deceive you, and I don’t mean in a “was that something in the shadows or just me” sense.

Frictional Games has announced that SOMA is about to get even more intense as they’ve added support for Tobii eye tracking, making players themselves become part of the controller.

With their eyes, players are able to search the dark corners of the room by simply looking around. However, if you catch the eyeline of an enemy you better run.

Check out the new SOMA trailer below:

Our very own Paul Graham gave SOMA a 9/10 saying, “SOMA is a definitive title for those who enjoy their gaming with equal measures of challenging, thought-provoking tale telling and ‘brown trousers time’ terror.”