Inspired by 1970’s Sci-Fi and structured like a modern TV show, the first episode of Downward Spiral is now available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. View the trailer below.

The game is developed by 3rd Eye Studios and begins by stranding the player on a seemingly deserted space station. The player can go it alone or with a friend as they explore the massive zero-G environments.

The developer has emphasised the fact that Downward Spiral will be a comfortable game to play, stating that the game will not suffer from the motion sickness issues other Zero-G experiences usually trigger.

Downward Spiral also features an 8-player deathmatch mode which will have players fighting to the death in the zero-G environments from the campaign.

The first episode titled Downward Spiral: Prologue will set up the series which will contain multiple episodes, with a narrative thread running through them. The series will feature dual-wield shooting mechanics as well as Zero gravity exploration sections.

The game features an original soundtrack composed by the lead singer of the gothic rock band HIM.

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