The new indie series ‘Evolutionary’ hit London stores recently and represents the culmination of years of work for filmmaker Oliver Crawford.

The concept, which first spawned the short film of the same name, has grown into a new comic series, narrative of which will run complementary to the forthcoming movie.

n3rdabl3.com got in touch with Oliver to chat about the comic, the film and what the future holds for Evolutionary..

n3: Congratulations on the comic! The road to ‘Evolutionary’ has been a long one. How did the project come into being?

OC: Thank you very much, its a project we have been building for a while so really great to see all the hard work pay off and the final pieces get put in place.

The original idea sprung up around the idea of terrorism/terrorists and how the media was defining ‘the bad guys’. It got me thinking about the reverse side, to them, are we the bad guys? Are we the terrorists? Are our perceptions based on how the media choses to sell us the story?

Then I was approached by some fantastic special effects friends and the story began to get built from there.

n3: What does the comic give you the opportunity to talk about?

OC: Diversity and discrimination were the main points, for me, within the film. The idea of how we perceive things as a given rather than always stepping back to think for ourselves and make our own perceptions and opinions.

n3: Does the comic and film tie together?

OC: The comic idea sprung from the storyboards we did on the film, we had the very talented Davide do our stunning boards and we almost instantly started joking about turning them into a comic, a few months later and we are planning the outline and story arcs for the comic, ha!

The story changed slightly in the edit which had an effect or our comic but for the most part the stories run side by side.

n3: What’s the status of the movie?

OC: The short film is in its last stages of sound mixing and colour timing (grading) which is really exciting and we have been very lucky to be doing at Pinewood studios and Molinere with the top guys in the fields.

It then will be hitting the festival circuit hopefully within the next month or so for a year or two and then who knows, we have an idea for the on going comic series as well as a follow up feature but it’s always best to take things one step at a time and give everything the best chance you can and seeing how the audience engage with it.

n3: Any news on when the film might drop?

OC: We are hoping for it to be at festivals within the next month or so and should then do the circuit for a year or so after that initial launch date. We will have a full list of all festivals it will be screening at so please keep an eye out to see if it’s screening in a festival near you!

Stay tuned to n3rdabl3.com for the latest updates and this new indie saga unfolds.

‘Evolutionary’ is available now at Orbital and Gosh.

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