Final Fantasy XV April Update

I really need to get back to Final Fantasy XV, especially now there’s a new route through the much maligned Chapter 13. Plus, Square Enix are still supporting the game with smaller updates outside of the major story DLCs, as is the case with the newly released Final Fantasy XV April Update, which just made it to release before that name stopped being accurate.

The April Update packs a few new features and fixes into the game, with one of the main additions being a new resolution option for PS4 Pro users. While the press release lacks any precise technical information regarding this new option, it does state that it “enables the player to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience with a stable frame rate”.

The update also adds a ranking system to the Timed Quests, the first “Timed Quest Reward” – a greatsword dubbed the Afrosword, inspired by the Grammy award winning DJ and producer Afrojack (perhaps building on the game’s inclusion of one of his songs), three new tracks for the Music Player, enlarged font sizes for the subtitles and menu screens and a variety of extra decals to customize the Regalia with.

Take a look at the official Final Fantasy XV website for more information on what the April Update adds.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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