Four Theories on who Miles Morales is on Earth 616

Now that Miles has settled into the main Marvel Universe, who could the native Miles Morales be in Earth 616, and is he a friend or foe?

Back when Miles Morales replaced Peter Parker in the now defunct Ulitmate Universe (a separate continuity which gave writers playground to what they wanted with characters) a miniseries came up called Spider-men.

Spider-men saw Peter Parker of the main Marvel Universe called Earth 616, crossing over to the Ultimate Universe for an adventure. The pages showed Peter at the end of this adventure searching Miles Morales on Google and the result left him shocked.

Now that hanging plot thread may be answered in an upcoming Marvel storyline as hinted via Twitter, implying that it’s a sequel to Spider-men set in the new merged 616 and Ultimate Universe where Miles is now a resident.

So I’m going to through out some guesses and you never know. I just could be right.

Miles Morales was actually involved in creating the spider that gave Peter his powers: The Ultimate Universe did do things differently than the 616 Universe. Look at the difference in Nick Fury and Antman for example.

It could be possible Miles is much older than Peter and he might have been involved in the creation of the spider that gave Peter his powers? Silk was an addition to Spider-man’s origin story and to cement Miles, who the last popular idea the Ultimate Universe had, this could be an option.

Or Miles is the person who inspired Peters creation of web fluid?

Miles is the person who killed Uncle Ben or he was involved with them: I could see this idea getting a little backlash from pop culture critics, but it’s worth at least discussing.

Miles Morales was the burglar who killed Uncle Ben. Could this upcoming story be a retcon of some kind, like how Sandman killed Uncle Ben by accident in Spider-man 3? I mean maybe Miles didn’t do it, maybe his uncle did it? His uncle was a bad guy back in the Ultimate Universe. Maybe Miles turned him in?

It’s unlikely, but then again, Marvel 616 is a world full of “anything can happens”.

Four Theories on who Miles Morales is on Earth 616 - n3rdabl3

Miles was the first person Peter saved as Spider-man: Spider-man’s first adventures have been re-visited a few times over the years with things like Spider-man Chapter One (now non-canon) and most recently the Spidey comic book series.

So maybe Miles of 616 was saved by the young web-slinger?

Mile is actually part of the totem: Back in the early 2000s J. Michael Straczynski took the helm of Spider-man as a part of an event to boost sales. He introduced the idea that Peter was one in a long line of spider-people who had walked the Earth.

The idea got shelved during the “Brand New Day” retcon, when Peter made a deal with the demon Mephisto (Marvel’s answer to the devil). Maybe they’re going to bring that idea back? I mean the Scarlet Spider is back, maybe Miles of 616 is supposed to the next Spider-man after Peter?