G2A Heckled by Developers During Reboot Develop Panel

During their Reboot Develop panel yesterday, G2A came directly under fire from developers at the event and as you’d expect, they handled it pretty poorly.

Despite being constantly under fire from developers, gamers, and publishers, you’ve got to commend G2A for constantly trying to safe face. Following their Reddit AMA completely backfiring, they decided a panel in front of an audience of developers would be an ideal place to try and claw some form of a reputation back.

Unfortunately for G2A, developers are pretty unforgiving when it comes to their hard work being taken from them and distributed via a platform which gives little thought for those behind the games.

The talk, called G2A Unplugged, platform representative Marius Mirek attempted to explain the retailers business model, something it says people just don’t understand. When asked by host Dan Pearson about its “grey market” reputation, the reply was a little… bizarre and defensive.

“I know we’re called a grey marketplace but as our team sees it there’s nothing really grey about it, beyond people not understanding our business model,” he said. Then, addressing the audience of developers he said: “We’ve noticed really quickly that gamers want to access your games. They don’t have $60 or $70 to acquire the game that they want.

“Codes that are available on G2A, they come from various places. Either from sales or bundles or from people who have acquired keys at some point and they just want to sell it and buy the game they want.”

However, we all know that isn’t the case, as highlighted by tinyBuild last year who revealed that thousands of keys had been stolen via credit card chargebacks, only to be sold to G2A. At the time, G2A blamed tinyBuild for having an insecure store.



Unfortunately the whole ordeal did not go well, with industry names such as Mike Bithell adding fuel to the bonfire underneath Mirek.

Ultimately, it did not go well for G2A, and in a statement later issued to Eurogamer, the platform argued that this entire fiasco is just a personal attack against the company.

“Grey market, despite the Wiki definition, works as a negative label and people who throw this name against us just want to damage our business – we cannot agree to that,” it said. “Resale of keys is perfectly legal, it brings a lot of benefits to the gamers community as it introduces competition and prevents raising prices to unreasonable levels.

“Those who want to stop it act against free market and property rights that are essential to modern economy. If something is to be called grey or shady, these are the practices of making ‘suggestions’ aimed at hurting legally operating marketplace. If you call G2A grey, try doing the same with respect to eBay, Amazon and basically all the marketplaces – it is obvious that today we are simply a part of normal, legal market.”

I mean, sure, key resales aren’t illegal, however as there are really no guarantees that these keys are from a legitimate purchase and THAT is the issue right now. And with G2A failing to offer any real guarantees to developers that they’re selling legitimate keys without asking for ridiculous contracts to be signed is a totally different problem.